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Getting to Macau from Hong Kong by Ferry

Written by Ganjar

Visiting Hong Kong isn't quite complete without a side trip to Macau. Despite being separate countries, their proximity allows for a quick travel time of approximately one hour.

When planning a trip to Macau, travelers have several transportation choices, with ferries and buses being the most favored among tourists. Each mode of transport has its unique set of pros and cons, which can be tailored to fit your travel plans.

For our journey, we opted for a ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau. On our return, we chose a bus journey from Macau back to Hong Kong. Our time exploring Macau was limited to a single day.

This article shares our ferry experience from Hong Kong to Macau. We hope it can be a helpful guide for those wishing to explore Macau by sea.

1. Head to the HK Macau Ferry Terminal

petunjuk ke ferry terminal
Find your way from Sheung Wan Station
exit d shun tak centre
Take exit D
shun tak centre
The ticket counter is located on the 3rd floor

The first step in our journey is to reach the ferry port. In Hong Kong, travelers can choose between two ports for trips to Macau: the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Pier in the Central area and the China Ferry Terminal in Kowloon.

Both ports offer routes to Macau's two primary harbors, Taipa and Outer Macau. However, the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Pier typically has a more frequent schedule to these destinations.

We decided to depart from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Pier. To get there, one can take the MTR to Sheung Wan station. From there, take Exit D, which leads to the Shun Tak Centre mall.

Inside Shun Tak Centre, make your way to the 3rd floor to buy ferry tickets to Macau. It's important to follow the signage closely, as the mall can be a bit of a maze.

2. Choose Your Destination and Departure Time

loket turbojet
At the TurboJet Counter
loket cotai water jet
Cotai Water Jet Counter

Upon reaching the 3rd floor, you'll find two ferry ticket counters: TurboJet and Cotai Water Jet. The ticket prices of both companies are similar, so your choice mainly depends on the desired destination and departure schedule.

TurboJet ferries head to Outer Macau harbor and depart every 30 minutes from 07:30 to 23:30. However, for those wishing to travel to Taipa harbor, TurboJet offers only two departures daily.

In contrast, Cotai Water Jet specializes in journeys to Taipa harbor. Their blue ferries leave every 30 minutes, operating from 07:30 to 22:30.

For your information, Taipa harbor is close to several tourist attractions, including The Venetian, The Parisian, The Londoner, and Taipa Village. Meanwhile, Outer Macau harbor provides easy access to Macau Fisherman's Wharf, the Ruins of São Paulo, and Casino Lisboa. Choose the harbor that best aligns with your travel plans.

3. Purchase Your Tickets

jadwal keberangkatan turbojet
Details on TurboJet's Schedule and Pricing
harga tiket turbojet
The price

Once you've settled on a departure time, it's time to purchase your ferry tickets. While it's possible to buy tickets just before departure, I advise securing them well in advance, perhaps even the day before.

This precaution is particularly important on weekends and holidays when tickets are in high demand and may sell out. Booking ahead helps ensure a smooth and stress-free start to your journey.

To buy a ticket, simply approach the counter, inform the staff of your destination, desired departure time, and the number of tickets needed. Payments can be made using cash, credit card, or an Octopus card.

Near the ticket counter, there's usually a self-service machine for ticket purchases, but it was out of service during our visit. Alternatively, tickets can be bought online through platforms like Klook.

We chose TurboJet for our trip to Outer Macao Harbor, selecting the 9am departure on a Wednesday. We secured our tickets two days in advance. The standard fare for economy class was HKD 175, with higher classes available - Super Class at HKD 365 and Premium Grand Class at HKD 495.

Be informed that ticket prices may vary for weekend or evening travel.

4. Keep Your Tickets

tiket turbojet
TurboJet Tickets

Once the payment was completed, the ticket officer handed us two ticket sheets. These tickets included several important details, such as the departure port, destination port, date and time of departure, and the class in which we were traveling.

The tickets also indicated that we needed to be at the boarding gate 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Interestingly, there was no assigned seating information on the tickets, which led us to believe that the seating on the ferry operates on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

If your departure is imminent, you can proceed directly to the boarding gate. However, if your travel is scheduled for the following day, it's crucial to safeguard your ticket. Remember, if it's lost, it cannot be replaced.

5. Go through Hong Kong Immigration

pintu masuk pelabuhan
Departure gate

When your departure day arrives, head straight to the departure gate, conveniently located beside the ticket counter. It's wise to arrive at the gate an hour before your scheduled departure to allow time for the immigration process.

Upon reaching the departure gate, a staff member will verify your tickets, allowing you to then proceed to the immigration area. Here, you should have your passport and the departure card ready – the same card you received along with your arrival card.

In the immigration area, officers might inquire whether you plan to return to Hong Kong. Since we were planning a return trip, an officer provided us with a blank arrival card to fill out for our journey back.

The immigration process was surprisingly swift and hassle-free. The immigration officer didn't ask any questions, and once cleared, we were able to proceed to the boarding lounge to await our ferry's departure.

6. Getting Ready for the Departure

boarding lounge
Boarding lounge
boarding gate
Boarding gate
papan informasi keberangkatan
Departure schedule
tiket dengan nomor kursi
Tickets with seat numbers given by the officer

As you await your departure at the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Pier, you'll find the boarding lounge spacious and inviting, with an abundance of seating available near each gate. For those who have opted for Super Class tickets, there's even a dedicated lounge offering enhanced comfort.

To check your ferry's departure gate, keep an eye on the information monitors displayed throughout the lounge. It's recommended to stay close to your assigned gate to ensure you don't miss any announcements or instructions from the staff.

When it's time to board, an officer will make an announcement, and you can then queue at the gate. During ticket verification, the officer will also assign and mark your seat number on your ticket. Contrary to initial thoughts, this ferry does indeed allocate specific seat numbers.

Once the ticket check is complete, you can proceed to board the ferry. Exercise caution while crossing the bridge connecting the pier to the ship, as it tends to move. On the ferry, economy class passengers will find their seats on the lower floor, while Super Class seating is located on the upper level.

7. Enjoy Your Journey

kapal ferry turbojet
Air Turbo Jet that we used
interior turbojet
Inside the ferry
tempat duduk ferry
Foldable tables in every passenger's seat
tempat penyimpanan koper
Luggage storage
toilet ferry

Upon boarding the ferry, please find your designated seat using the number provided by the officer, which is displayed above each seat. Each seat is equipped with a foldable table and small pockets for storing personal items, along with life jackets and safety instruction pamphlets for your security.

For those carrying suitcases, a specific area at the front of the ship is designated for luggage storage. In economy class, amenities include a television at the front and restroom facilities located at the rear of the ship.

As we journey, passengers are treated to scenic views of the sea and the scattered islands around Hong Kong. Fortunately, the favorable weather conditions ensure a smooth and pleasant ride.

Additionally, passengers are welcome to eat or snack during the voyage, provided they maintain cleanliness. As we approach our destination, crew members will circle to collect any trash from passengers.

8. Arrived in Macau

turun pelabuhan outer macau
Disembarking at Outer Macao Harbour
pelabuhan outer macau
Inside the Outer Macau Ferry Port

Upon completing the approximately one-hour journey, we arrive at Macau Harbour. Disembarkation is a smooth and orderly process. Remember to check your seating area thoroughly to ensure no belongings are left behind.

Immediately after disembarking, we enter the Macau immigration zone. Here, the process is straightforward as there are no forms to complete; simply present your passport to the immigration officer. Once cleared, you're free to proceed to the exit.

Our ferry journey to Macau concludes here. Now, the exploration of Macau's attractions begins, accessible through a variety of public transportation options including taxis, city buses, and complimentary shuttle buses provided by numerous hotels and casinos. These shuttles are not only free but also offer a comfortable ride.

For more information on utilizing the complimentary shuttle buses in Macau, look out for our detailed review in the following article.

We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

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We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

More about Syfa & Ganjar →
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