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10 Best Places to Eat Out while Visiting Singapore

Written by Syfa 

Singapore is a great place for food lovers, with lots of tasty and different kinds of food. When we were there, we went to many places where the food was really good.

We tried all sorts of food, from small street stalls to big restaurants in shopping malls. It was exciting to try things we’d never eaten before.

We tasted dishes like Carrot Cake, Mee Laksa, Fishball Noodles, and many others. Plus, it was easy to get to these places by MRT (train) or bus.

So, if you're looking for good food spots in Singapore, be sure to read this article all the way through!

1. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Best food awards
Best food awards
menu Tian Tian

After enjoying our time sightseeing at River Wonders, my husband and I decided to grab lunch at Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. This stall, located in Maxwell Food Center, comes highly recommended for its chicken rice, and it's even featured in the Michelin Guide Singapore. We thought, why not give it a try!

• Chicken Rice (Medium)

Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice

At first glance, the dish seemed simple – just rice with boiled chicken cut into pieces. But the moment I took my first bite, I was blown away. The chicken was juicy, fragrant, tender, and incredibly tasty. It was so good that it didn't need anything else to enhance its flavor!

The rice was equally impressive – savory and aromatic, warming you up from the inside. The soy sauce added another layer of deliciousness. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

The combination of rice, sauce, and chicken was perfect. We also ordered a side of vegetables, specifically Oyster Sauce Vegetables with Bok Choy, to complete our meal.

• Oyster Sauce Vegetables

Oyster Sauce Vegetables
Oyster Sauce Vegetables

These veggies were no less delightful. The Bok choy was soft yet retained a fresh, vibrant green color. It didn't have that overcooked, wilted look.

I believe the vegetables were steamed, not boiled. My husband and I couldn't stop raving about how delicious everything was. I ate so much, as if I hadn't eaten in ages!

We chose medium-sized portions for both the Chicken Rice and the vegetables. This size was just right – not too small, not too large. Each dish cost SGD 6, which was quite affordable for the quantity provided.

I definitely recommend this place! Fyi, Tian Tian only accepts cash. So, make sure to carry enough cash when you plan to dine at this hawker center.

2. Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang

Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Signature in North Bridge Rd
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Signature in North Bridge Rd
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Signature in North Bridge Rd
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Signature in North Bridge Rd
Ayam Taliwang 1/2 Ekor
Ayam Taliwang (half chicken)
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Garden by The Bay
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Garden by The Bay (Jurassic Nest Food Hall)
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Garden by The Bay
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang to go

On our trip to Singapore, we also tried the famous Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang, which we had wanted to eat for a long time.

We first heard about it on a Netflix show called "Food Tales," and since it's listed in the Michelin Guide Singapore, we were excited to try.

Our first visit was to their place at Jurassic Nest Food Hall in Gardens by The Bay. But it was late, and we were tired, so we got some to take back to our hotel. It was really tasty!

We decided to go to another one of their restaurants for dinner at 723 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198691. This place was big, clean, and bright.

We ordered a Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang meal for two. It came with two servings of rice and half a chicken with sambal taliwang on top.

The rice was nice and had a good smell because it was wrapped in banana leaves. The chicken was big, tender, and juicy. The sambal was good too, but we thought it could be spicier.

There were other things with the meal like eggs, sautéed purple eggplant, anchovies and peanuts, cucumber, and extra chili sauce.

This meal cost SGD 24, which is more than what Nasi Lemak usually costs. But we think it was worth it because it tasted so good.

3. Kin Men Seng Heng

Kin Men Seng Heng Hokkien Braised Duck Noodles
Kin Men Seng Heng Hokkien Braised Duck Noodles
Yellow Noodle Soup
Duck noodle soup
Dry Mie Duck
Dry Mie
The Soup
The broth

At Amoy Street Food Center, we decided to try Kin Men Seng Heng, a stall known for its Hokkien Braised Duck Noodles. You can find it on the 2nd floor.

I chose the dry noodles for SGD 5, and my husband went for the soup version at SGD 6.5. I was surprised to receive a separate bowl of soup with my dry noodles – I didn't expect that.

I'm usually not a fan of duck, but this was a pleasant surprise. The duck was tender and juicy, without any off-putting smell. Accompanying the dish were tofu pieces, pong tofu, boiled eggs, and a sprinkle of celery on top.

The soup's flavor was good too! For carbs, they offer yellow noodles, rice, and kwetiaw. They serve two types of sambal: one is rich in shrimp paste aroma, and the other is spicy, savory, and a bit sour. I preferred the sour one. I’m already planning to come back and try a different carb option next time!

4. Hjh Maimunah Restaurant and Catering

hjh maimunah
pilihan prasmanan di hjh maimunah
Food Options at Hjh Maimunah
hjh maimunah halal resto
halal restaurant
aneka jajanan pasar di hjh maimunah
Traditional cakes
Makanan yang dipesan di Hjh Maimunah
A heaping mess of deliciousness!

This halal restaurant is a treasure trove of traditional dishes and cakes. It's an amazing place where deliciousness overflows!

We decided to have lunch at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant and Catering, located at 11 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199078, a mere two minutes from the Sultan Mosque.

Renowned for its Malay cuisine, Hjh Maimunah has been a culinary landmark since 1992. It boasts two locations in Singapore, one on Jalan Pisang and another on Joo Chiat.

Their menu is impressively varied, featuring dishes like Padang Rice, Satay, Rendang, Chicken Curry, and more. They also offer traditional cakes such as Kue Lapis, Onde-Onde, and Lupis, which are great for a light snack.

The prices at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant are quite reasonable. We ordered Nasi (SGD 1.20 per serving), Beef Rendang (SGD 4.50), Ayam Merah (SGD 4), Sambal Egg (SGD 1.20), and a medium Stir-fried Vegetable (SGD 5).

Every dish was a delight, especially the sambal, which packed a real punch! It was a pleasant surprise to find food as spicy as in Indonesia while dining in Singapore.

Besides the tasty food, the restaurant is clean, comfortable, and spacious, making it a great place to dine.

Dining here feels like a home-cooked meal, embodying true coziness. If you're tired of the usual Laksa or Chicken Rice in Singapore, give this place a try.

5. Encik Tan

Encik Tan Somerset

We went to Encik Tan next, which is at 313 Somerset, on the B3 floor. Encik Tan is famous for its good and affordable Nasi Lemak. It has several branches in Singapore, like in Suntec City, Vivo City, and Kallang Wave Mall.

Their nasi lemak is popular because of its nice-smelling and soft rice, served with scrambled eggs, peanuts, fried ikan bilis, and tasty fried chicken. They also serve other dishes such as mee siam, mee rebus, and laksa. We tried two dishes:

• Chicken Cutlet Rice

Chicken Cutlet Rice Set

This dish has rice with curry sauce, a chicken cutlet, scrambled eggs, and cabbage. It was a new mix for me, but it was really good!

• Mee Laksa

Mie Laksa Encik Tan
Mee Laksa

My husband got the Mee Laksa for SGD 5.50. He said the laksa tasted great and was very rich. It's one of the best laksas he's had. The dish includes boiled egg, tofu, bean sprouts, and some celery. We think Encik Tan's Mee Laksa is better than other laksas we've tried.

• Mini Wok Noodles

Mini Wok Noodles
Mini Wok Noodles

I ordered Mini Wok Noodles for SGD 6.50. It's a bowl of yamin noodles with a clear soup that has fried meatballs, dumplings, fish balls, and eggs.

It's served in a hot mini wok. I had to be careful eating it because it was so hot. The noodles tasted good and were very flavorful, though a bit oily, and the serving was big.

Encik Tan is also a halal restaurant. It has a halal certificate from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). This means they follow halal food rules.

Encik Tan is a great place to go if you're looking for tasty dishes at good prices, and it's good for those who need halal food.

6. Thye Hong Fried Prawn Noodle

Fried Carrot Cake Singapore
Fried Carrot Cake

While at ION Orchard Food Opera, I also tried the Fried Carrot Cake from Thye Hong Fried Prawn Noodle stall. Initially, I thought it was the sweet carrot cake dessert we all know. But it's not!

In Singapore, Carrot Cake is a dish made from rice flour and Chinese radish, mixed with eggs and various spices. Interestingly, it doesn't contain any actual carrots. It's named "carrot cake" because the batter has a reddish-brown color, similar to carrots.

The batter is thinly sliced and fried in a wok with a bit of oil until it turns brown and is fully cooked. It's often served with peanut sauce or hot sauce.

You can find Carrot Cake in many hawkers, restaurants, and culinary centers across Singapore. Sometimes, it's made with extra ingredients like prawns, sausages, and vegetables, adding more flavor and texture.

When I tasted the Fried Carrot Cake, it was delicious! I can still imagine the taste. The texture of the "carrot" part was very soft. I particularly liked the version with soy sauce, where the sweetness and smoky flavor blended beautifully, creating a rich and intense taste experience.

The white variety combines carrot with egg, then fried, resembling an omelet with toppings. As for the chili sauce, it didn't have a strong fragrance. The taste wasn't too spicy, and it seemed to have a hint of shrimp paste. But dipping the carrot cake in it made it even tastier.

This dish might sound and look unusual, but I encourage you to try it! Despite its appearance, it has a delightful smoky flavor. And the price is quite reasonable at SGD 7!

7. Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

Lixin TeochewFishball Noodles
Lixin Teochew Fishball Noodles ION Orchard
Spicy Fishball Noodles (dry)
Spicy Fishball Noodles (dry)

At ION Orchard's Food Opera on B4, we stopped by Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles for dinner. We chose the Spicy Fishball Noodles (Dry) for SGD 6.50. Here, customers can pick their noodles to be either dry or in soup, and choose if they want them spicy.

They also offer various types of noodles, like vermicelli, kwetiaw, and thick or thin noodles. The staff helpfully shows pictures of the noodles, so you know what you're choosing.

The noodles tasted pretty good, similar to other yamin noodles we've had. But when combined with the fishball soup, they were excellent! The fishballs were fresh, tender, and had no bad smell.

The clear soup was really flavorful. It's clear why this stall is so popular. Plus, while ordering, we got to watch the chefs prepare the meals, which was a neat experience.

8. Alimama Green Chili Chicken Rice & Prawn Noodle

Alimama Chicken
Nasi Ayam Panggang
Grilled Chicken Rice

Back at Maxwell Food Center, I came across an interesting food stall, Alimama. The seller suggested I try their menu, so I ended up ordering their Roasted Chicken Rice, Green Chili Chicken Rice & Prawn Noodle for lunch. This stall is right next to Tian Tian.

The dish I got was grilled chicken rice. When I tasted it, wow, it was so good! It was different from the grilled chicken I'm used to in Indonesia. The chicken was fragrant, juicy, and had a strong smoky smell. It cost SGD 6.50 for a portion.

I really liked the mix of different kinds of onions sprinkled on top of the chicken. I finished the whole dish! It also came with yellow pickles made of pineapple, cabbage, and carrot. So fresh!

The chili sauce was a bit mild for my taste, but it still worked well with the chicken. The grilled chicken rice portion was big, great for those who are used to large meals like in Indonesia.

9. Old Nyonya Laksa

Old Nyonya Laksa
Old Nyonya Laksa
Mie Laksa
Prawn Noodle Laksa

At Maxwell Food Center, my husband wanted to try more types of Laksa. He chose Prawn Noodle Laksa for lunch, which was advertised at the stall as an "All-time favorite". This Laksa, priced at only SGD 5, includes miso, prawns, a boiled egg, fish cake, and tofu.

The Prawn Noodle Laksa was really good. The prawns had a strong aroma and flavor, and the soup was thick and tasty. The portion wasn't too big, like most Singaporean food, so it was filling but not too much.

10. Ipoh Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice di Lau Pa sat

Continuing our food adventure, my husband and I visited one of Singapore's oldest hawker centres, Lau Pa Sat, located at 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582. It's open all day, every day, and is easily accessible via Telok Ayer station (DT18) or Downtown (DT17) on the MRT.

With so many stalls to choose from, it was hard to decide, but I wanted to try more Hainanese Rice. So, we stopped at a stall named Ipoh Hainanese Chicken Rice, which also displayed a halal label.

• Chicken Rice

Nasi Ayam Hainan/Hainanese Chicken Rice
Hainanese Chicken Rice

The Hainanese Chicken Rice here was different from what I've had before. Unlike the boiled chicken at Tian Tian, Ipoh's version is roasted, giving the skin a crisp texture while keeping the inside tender. This created a varied and enjoyable texture in each bite.

They also serve the soy sauce in a small packet, allowing you to add it to your liking. You can either dip your chicken in it or drizzle it over your plate. Additionally, they provide a bowl of clear, savory broth that's really warming. This dish is priced at just SGD 6.

• Ipoh Curry Chicken Noodle

Ipoh Curry Chicken Noodle
Ipoh Curry Chicken Noodle

My husband chose the Ipoh Curry Chicken Noodle. This hearty bowl contains yellow noodles, chicken fillet pieces, fish cake, tofu, and bean sprouts. It's a large portion, sure to satisfy a big appetite, and costs SGD 5.90.

The dish tasted quite good. The noodles were chewy, and the curry sauce was flavorful. However, for Indonesians used to strongly spiced foods, it might seem a bit mild. This is typical for Singaporean cuisine, which generally uses less intense spices.

We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

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We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

More about Syfa & Ganjar →
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