Syfa & Ganjar

About Us

We first met in a writing workshop held by our faculty in 2016. Ganjar, who was already running his own digital media company, became the speaker at the seminar. He was there to share his experiences, tips, and tricks related to creative writing 101.

Assyfa, who was still a third-semester student, joined the seminar and seemingly was interested in joining Ganjar’s company as a freelance writer. Since that moment, we started getting to know each other and occasionally sent work-related messages.

After five years, in the mid of 2021 to be exact, we were planning to have a more serious relationship. Realizing that we were heading on the same path in life and that we’re not fans of being away from each other, we decided to tie the knot in June 2022.

We both love to read, write, eat and travel. So, we want to create memories of our culinary and traveling journey through this blog. We hope that, through this platform, we can share honest, authentic, and hopefully beneficial information and experiences with our readers. Happy reading!

Syfa & Ganjar