Syfa & Ganjar

About Us


We first met back in 2016 during a writing seminar at our college. Ganjar, who runs his own digital media business, was there as a guest speaker to share his tips on creative writing 101.

Assyfa, who also attended the seminar, got in touch with Ganjar afterwards to talk about freelance writing opportunities at his company. That’s when we started talking and getting to know each other.

Five years later, in mid-2021, a friend of us thought that we would make a great couple and reintroduced us. Encouraged by this, and after hanging out and chatting a few times, we began to see each other a lot and committed to have a more serious relationship.

We found out not only shared interests like reading, writing, eating, and traveling, but also that we held similar values in life. This deep connection and alignment in our beliefs and goals made us confident about being together. By June 2022, we were happily married!

Inspired by our passions, we started this blog,, to share our travel and food experiences. We hope this blog can give useful tips and enjoyable stories to our readers.

We also run another website,, which covers the latest in television. Here, we provide updates and recommend the best TVs available.

Join us on our journey, one story at a time!

Syfa & Ganjar