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10 Souvenirs You Can Buy in Hong Kong

Written by Syfa

A trip to Hong Kong is one of the most unforgettable trips for us. It was the first visit for both my husband and me, so we explored everything together.

This was unlike our trips to Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, where my husband had been before and knew about getting around.

But in Hong Kong, everything was new and exciting to us! One of the highlights was when looking for souvenirs. We searched for ones that were truly unique to Hong Kong, and here are the best ones we found. In this article, I'll share the types of souvenirs you might like to buy. Keep reading!

1. Fridge Magnets

Magnet Kulkas Hong Kong
Magnet Kulkas Hong Kong
Magnet Kulkas Hong Kong

Let's start with fridge magnets. They're a classic and popular choice for souvenirs, especially those reflecting the country or city you're visiting.

In Hong Kong, you can find all kinds of magnets, from city scenes to cultural icons. Look for magnets showing the Star Ferry, Victoria Peak Tram, or even Macau's famous Egg Tart (if you happen to visit there too).

You can buy these magnets at tourist spots, souvenir stores, or local markets in Hong Kong. They're not only affordable but also small and easy to pack, making them perfect souvenirs.

2. Drink Coasters

Tatakan gelas
Tatakan gelas

Are you looking for an anti-mainstream souvenir but not sure what to get? Drink coasters might be a good choice! They not only protect your table from wet marks but are also a memorable keepsake.

These coasters often feature traditional or modern designs. For instance, I once came across coasters with a very unique design. They had a picture of four dim sum dishes in bamboo baskets, which are typically used to serve dim sum.

This is an example of a souvenir that's not just unique but also practical. You can buy these in souvenir shops or at duty-free stores in the airport.

3. Postcards and Stickers


Other easy-to-carry souvenirs include postcards and stickers. They come in a variety of designs and images, making them great gifts for yourself or others.

You can use the postcards as decorations for your wall or desk. The stickers are perfect for personalizing items like your laptop or notebook. They serve as a fun reminder of your time in Hong Kong!

4. Bottle Cap Opener and Keychain

Pembuka tutup botol
Bottle cap opener
Gantungan kunci_

Keychains and bottle cap openers are other practical souvenirs you can pick up. Both are easy to carry and usually quite affordable. They're not just useful; they're also attractive as keepsakes.

You'll find these keychains and bottle cap openers in a range of shapes, designs, and images. Look for ones that show off Hong Kong's special features, like the tram, Tian Tan Buddha statue, or the Ngong Ping Cable Car.

5. Lucky Charms

Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm
Patung Buddha

Similar to Japan, Hong Kong is also well-known for its culture of lucky charms. You can find a variety of these, including small statues, lucky coins, or Feng Shui hangers, in traditional markets or souvenir shops.

These charms are not just pleasing to look at; they're also thought to bring good luck and positive vibes. Each charm has its own unique meaning and story, so it's great gifts for family or friends.

6. Salted Chinese Pastry

Macau Pastry

I actually discovered Salted Chinese Pastry in Macau. Since Macau and Hong Kong are close neighbors, you can also find these pastries in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's pastries are renowned as it reflects its cultural and historical background. As a blend of East and West, Hong Kong's food combines Chinese traditions with Western elements, partly due to its British colonial past. One popular item is the Salted Chinese Pastry. These are beautifully packaged in premium boxes.

If you think they're not too delicate or risky to transport, these pastries make perfect souvenirs. You can find them in souvenir shops, particularly at the airport.

7. Dry Food

Daging kering
Pork and Beef Jerky
Crispy Dumpling
Wallnut Dates
Walnuts & Black Dates Cake
Dried Plum
Dried Plum
buah kering
Jackfruit Chips

Another option for souvenirs is a variety of dry foods. These range from halal to non-halal options.

There's Beef or Pork Jerky (meat seasoned and dried), sweet dried fruits, and savory Crispy Dumplings. These dry foods last longer, making them ideal for souvenirs!

You can pick the type of souvenir that best suits your friends and family. The list and pictures I've provided are just to give you some ideas.

8. Maneki Neko

Maneki neko

Maneki Neko, or lucky cats, come from Japan but are popular in Hong Kong too. These little statues are believed to bring good luck, health, and prosperity.

You'll find Maneki Neko in various sizes and colors in many souvenir shops. Hong Kong's version often includes local design elements, so you can perhaps consider them too as souvenirs to take home.

9. Multifunctional Wallet

Dompet multifungsi

In line with the above, a multifunctional wallet featuring a Maneki Neko design is another good souvenir choice. These wallets are usually black, adorned with bright floral patterns and decorative touches like knots and colorful borders.

Not just for money or cards, you can use these wallets to hold other small items. They're compact and durable, perfect for travel, and won't take up much space in your luggage

10. Tourist Octopus (Sold Version)

Octopus Card for Tourist

Lastly, there's the tourist version of the Octopus card! This is a contactless card commonly used in Hong Kong, similar to Singapore's EZ-Link card.

You can use it for public transportation, buying snacks from vending machines and convenience stores, or dining at restaurants.

The Tourist Octopus card is specially designed for visitors. It doesn't require an initial balance or deposit. Once your trip is over, you can keep it as a souvenir since there's no deposit to reclaim.

It's a unique souvenir, great for friends and family or to keep for yourself in case you visit Hong Kong again. How exciting!

So, those are 10 inspiring souvenirs from Hong Kong to remember your trip by! Which one are you thinking of getting?

We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

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We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

More about Syfa & Ganjar →
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