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How to Withdraw Cash from ATMs in Singapore

Written by Ganjar

When planning a trip to Singapore, one key aspect to consider is arranging access to cash, particularly Singapore Dollars. Despite the increased prevalence of cashless transactions, having some cash on hand remains essential for activities like enjoying local delicacies at hawkers markets.

Obtaining Singapore Dollars commonly involves exchanging your home currency at a money changer either back home or upon arrival in Singapore. Airports, for example, frequently feature money changers for this purpose.

An alternative and often more convenient method is to withdraw Singapore Dollars directly from ATMs while in the country. My wife and I are particularly fond of this approach due to its simplicity and the fact that it eliminates the need to visit a money changer.

Should you be interested in withdrawing cash from ATMs in Singapore, this guide will outline the process. The method is largely similar to withdrawing from ATMs in many countries. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Locate an ATM

ATM Singapura
Singapore's ATM

The initial step involves finding an ATM, a straightforward task in Singapore. ATMs are routinely found in public spaces like airports, MRT stations, and shopping centers.

ATMs are operated by a variety of banks, the most frequently encountered of which include DBS Bank, OCBC, UOB, Citibank, CIC, HSBC, and Maybank. While the procedure for withdrawing money is consistent across these ATMs, I will share how to use a HSBC ATM specifically.

2. Insert Your Card

atm 2

Once you are positioned in front of the ATM, you need to insert your debit card. Singapore ATMs typically accept debit cards affiliated with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Union Pay, and JCB.

Each ATM machine displays logos representing the types of cards it accepts. If in doubt, compare the logo on your debit card with those displayed on the ATM to verify compatibility.

Remember, the relevant logo refers not to your specific bank, but to the network your bank operates on. Therefore, regardless of whether your card originates from any other banks you own, it can be utilized at the ATM provided it bears one of the acceptable network logos.

3. Enter PIN

atm 1

Next, securely enter your debit card's PIN number. Shield the keypad as you do so to ensure no one observes your PIN. After entering the PIN, press the Enter button and await the following display.

4. Select The Amount to Withdraw

atm 3
select the service
atm 4
Enter the amount you want to withdraw

The subsequent screen allows you to specify the amount you wish to withdraw. Pre-set denominations are generally offered, but if none of these suit your requirements, select the "Other Amount" option and input the desired figure.

Upon determining or inputting your preferred withdrawal amount, hit "Enter". The ATM will then prompt you to choose which account the funds should be drawn from. Select "Savings" or "Savings Account" to withdraw from your savings account.

Following this step, some ATMs will provide information on the applied exchange rate and the corresponding amount in your home currency that will be debited from your account. If you are comfortable with the presented amounts, confirm the transaction by pressing "Enter" once more.

5. Retrieve Your Card and Cash

atm 5
atm 6

Finally, select either the "Print Advice & take Card" option to receive a printed receipt and retrieve your card, or simply the "Take Card" option if you don't require a receipt. Ensure you collect your card before the ATM dispenses the cash.

After your card is retrieved, the ATM will proceed to dispense your requested funds. Count the money on the spot to confirm that the quantity is accurate. Once you've verified the amount, you can depart from the ATM.

And there you have it: a simple guide to withdrawing money from Singapore ATMs. A frequent question pertains to the administrative fee or deduction charged with each ATM withdrawal. Is it considerable?

The fee can fluctuate between banks, but based on my personal experience withdrawing funds with a debit card, the administrative fee stands at $1.67. Regardless of the withdrawn amount, this fee applies to each transaction.

Clearly, such a deduction feels hefty if you're only withdrawing the equivalent of 100 or 200 thousand rupiah. If, however, you're withdrawing an amount in the millions, then the fee becomes less significant proportionally.

Consequently, my advice to those withdrawing money at a Singapore ATM is to withdraw larger amounts at once. This approach ensures you aren't disproportionately penalized with high fees for multiple small withdrawals.

In conclusion, while navigating foreign ATMs might seem intimidating, the process is fairly straightforward. It's simply a matter of finding a compatible ATM, understanding the fees and exchange rates involved, and safeguarding your card and PIN during the transaction. So, don't hesitate to take advantage of this convenience when travelling in Singapore!

We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

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We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

More about Syfa & Ganjar →
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