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3 Places to Purchase EZ-Link Card at Changi Airport

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An EZ-Link card is a payment method that utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. It's widely used in Singapore to pay for public transport like the MRT, buses, and taxis.

Using the EZ-Link card is quick and easy. You just have to tap the card against the reader when you enter or leave a station or bus.

The card, however, isn't limited to transport. You can also use it to buy items at select retail stores, grab snacks from vending machines, dine at certain restaurants, and more, as long as EZ-Link is accepted there.

EZ-Link card is popular among both tourists and locals If you're coming to Singapore for a holiday and landing at Changi Airport, here's where you can buy your own EZ-Link. Stay tuned!

1. Changi Recommends

Changi Recommends

At Changi International Airport, you'll find Changi Recommends booths located in the arrival halls of terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4. For booth locations, please refer to this webpage.

Here, you can swap online-purchased EZ-Link vouchers for actual cards, or buy a card right there.

You can buy EZ-Link vouchers ahead of time on the Changi Recommends official website or through third-party apps like Traveloka,, and Pelago by Singapore Airlines.

Once you got the voucher, you can exchange it for a real EZ-Link card at any Changi Recommends booth as soon as you get to the airport.

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to purchase EZ-Link vouchers (like the one my husband and I followed), take a look at the article linked below:

But if you prefer to buy an EZ-Link card in person at the booth, that's an option too. It's a quick and simple process. Just go to the counter, let them know if you're there to redeem a voucher or to buy a card, and they'll take care of the rest.

Apart from EZ-Link services, Changi Recommends also offers various SIM card options like the E SIM, Changi i SIM, and Overseas Prepaid SIM Cards, which are perfect for staying connected during your trip to Singapore or other destinations.

2. Via Vending Machine

Vending Machine EZLink
Vending machine EZ-Link at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Exit
Vending Machine EZLink
Vending Machine EZLink
Contactless payment

You can find an EZ-Link vending machine right at the exit of Terminal 3 at Changi Airport.

This machine allows for contactless payment, which is great if you're in a hurry or prefer not to deal with a cashier. Here's what you need to do to buy a card:

  1. Select the card design you like (each purchase is for one card only).
  2. Choose preferred payment method (they only accept contactless payment). So, you'll need a credit or debit card that has a VISA or Mastercard logo and a wave-like symbol for contactless transactions.
  3. After that, tap your card on the machine's reader. Hold it there until you see a green light, which means your payment has gone through.
  4. After that, the machine will dispense your EZ-Link card. Take your card, and you're all set!

These vending machines are also available at bus interchanges, shopping centers, and MRT stations. However, for MRT stations, they're only at the Changi Airport MRT stations (for terminals 1 and 2) and at Little India MRT. To find a vending machine near you, check out this webpage.

One of the fun perks of these machines is that they dispense EZ-Link cards with various unique designs, like Spiderman, Pokemon, and more, which are different from the standard designs you might see elsewhere. They can be a cool addition to your collection!

3. Via Passenger Service Centre or TransitLink Ticket Office

Passenger service MRT
Passenger Service Centre Changi Airport MRT Station

If you're at Changi Airport MRT Station, you can get an EZ-Link card at the Passenger Service Center.

In fact, Passenger Service Centers and TransitLink Ticket Offices are available at every MRT station, including those at the airport. You'll usually find them near the station's entrance gates.

They keep the same hours as the MRT station itself. At these centers, you can enjoy a range of services. Apart from buying an EZ-Link card, they can help you with information on how to use the card, check your balance, and top up the card with more funds if needed.

So, these are the three ways you can purchase an EZ-Link card while you're in Singapore. I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Look forward to more tips in upcoming articles!

We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

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We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

More about Syfa & Ganjar →
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