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How to Get to Sentosa from Changi Airport by Bus and MRT

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Sentosa Island, located in Singapore, is a popular tourist destination known for its array of exciting attractions, including Universal Studio Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium, Wings of Time, and Resort World Sentosa.

While its location is conveniently close to Singapore's city center, it's a bit of a distance from Changi Airport, leaving many visitors puzzled about how to get there.

However, Singapore's robust public transportation system offers efficient options for reaching Sentosa Island, mainly via MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and bus. This article will guide you on how to journey to Sentosa directly from Changi Airport.

Please note that there isn't a direct public transportation route from Changi Airport to Sentosa. However, this isn't an issue due to Singapore's excellent public transportation system, which simplifies the process of switching between different modes of transport.

How to Get to Sentosa by MRT

You can reach Sentosa Island from Changi Airport using the MRT, taking approximately an hour and a half. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Purchase an EZ-Link Card

bca ezlink

The first step is to purchase an EZ-Link card, a payment method for both the MRT and buses. You can buy this card from the Changi Recommends counter at Changi Airport or at the Passenger Service Center near Changi MRT station's entrance.

Alternatively, you can use the Singapore Tourist Pass or contactless VISA and Mastercard credit cards for MRT and bus payments.

2. Head to The MRT Station

Once you have a valid payment card, proceed to the Changi Airport MRT station, located between Terminals 2 and 3. If you're in these terminals, simply go downstairs to the station.

If you're in Terminal 1 or Jewel, take the Skytrain to Terminals 2 or 3. If you're in Terminal 4, use the complimentary airport shuttle to reach Terminal 2 or 3.

3. Access The MRT Platform

Passenger Service MRT
Changi Airport MRT Station

When you reach the station, tap your EZ-Link card at the entrance gate and wait on the platform for your train. For more information on how to ride the MRT in Singapore, you can refer to other detailed articles on this topic.

4. Switch Train at Tanah Merah Station

The train from Changi Airport will stop at Expo Station before reaching Tanah Merah Station. Here, you'll need to transfer to the East-West Line MRT train, identifiable by its green color, heading towards Tuas Link.

5. Transfer Again at Outram Park Station

After a 30-minute ride, you'll reach Outram Park Station. Here, you'll switch to the MRT North-East Line, marked with a purple color. Take the train heading towards Harbourfront.

6. Alight at Harbourfront Station

stasiun harbourfront

Within about 3 minutes, you'll reach Harbourfront Station. Exit the train and tap your EZ-Link card at the departure gate. Harbourfront Station is conveniently situated beneath VivoCity, a prominent shopping hub in Singapore.

You will then need to take the Sentosa Express Monorail to Sentosa Island. The monorail station is located on VivoCity's top floor. Signs will guide you to the monorail station.

7. Ride the Sentosa Express Monorail

vivocity station

Once you're at the monorail station, tap your EZ-Link card at the entrance and wait for the monorail. Due to the station's popularity, you may encounter a crowd and will need to wait patiently for your turn to board.

Once aboard, enjoy the scenic ride to the island and disembark at your preferred station. The Sentosa Express Monorail stops at WaterFront, Imbiah, and Beach Stations.

WaterFront Station is conveniently located near Universal Studios Singapore. If you're planning to visit Madame Tussauds Singapore, you might prefer to get off at Imbiah Station. For the beach area and Wings of Time, Beach Station would be your best bet.

How to Get to Sentosa by Bus

Despite the absence of direct bus routes from Changi Airport to Sentosa, taking the bus can be as efficient as the MRT, with an approximate travel time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Here's how you can navigate the journey:

1. Purchase an EZ-Link Card

As with the MRT, you'll need an EZ-Link card or an alternative payment card to travel by bus. So, the first step involves acquiring and readying your payment card.

2. Locate the Bus Stop

changi bus terminal

Next, head towards the bus stop. Every terminal at Changi Airport has a designated bus stop. Please follow the instructions available to find the bus stop at each terminal. Most buses servicing Changi Airport will stop at the bus stops in the different terminals.

There are multiple bus options, but this guide will suggest taking bus number 21, which heads towards Ang Mo Kio International. Once you've reached the bus stop, wait for your bus to arrive.

When the bus arrives, board via the front door, tapping your EZ-Link card or alternative payment card on the card reader. You can then either take an available seat or stand in the aisle if all the seats are occupied.

For more information on how to ride buses in Singapore, you can refer to other dedicated articles on the topic.

3. Switch Buses at Bef Siglap Plain Stop

Bef Siglap Plain

After roughly 40 minutes, the bus will reach the Bef Siglap Plain stop. When the stop is announced, press the "Stop" button, exit when the bus halts, and remember to tap your payment card at the exit located in the middle of the bus.

Once you've exited the bus, wait for bus number 30 heading towards Boo Lay. There's no need to switch bus stops as this bus will also stop at Bef Siglap Plain. Upon its arrival, board the bus following the same process.

4. Alight at Harbourfront Station Stop

halte vivocity

This leg of the journey will take about half an hour. As the bus reaches the Harbourfront Station stop, press the "Stop" button and disembark. You'll now be in front of VivoCity.

The next step is to board the Sentosa Express Monorail, which is stationed at VivoCity. Follow the steps outlined above to locate the station and board the Sentosa Express Monorail.

Apart from using the Sentosa Express, you can also take the RWS8 shuttle bus from this stop. The bus fare is SGD 1 per ride and you will be taken directly to the Resorts World Sentosa area which is not far from Universal Studios.

There you have it - how to travel to Sentosa Island from Changi Airport using the MRT and bus. Even though the process involves a few transfers, both methods are significantly more cost-effective than taking a taxi.

Lastly, aside from the Sentosa Express Monorail, you have the option to walk on the bridge connecting VivoCity and Sentosa Island. If you're considering this, it's recommended to walk during the afternoon to avoid the intense heat of the midday sun. You can read the tutorial here:

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We are a newlywed couple who loves to eat and travel from one place to another. In this blog, we will share our favorite experiences when visiting various tourist attractions and tasting the delights of good food!

More about Syfa & Ganjar →
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